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Maintain the authenticity of your products with high-tech hologram stickers.

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Supply chain optimization with accurate and real-time data.

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Build customer loyalty with enhanced Loyalty Control feature.

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Shieldtag for brands

How Shieldtag Works

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Scan Code

Scan the Shieldtag QR code on your product packaging.

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Enter Pin

Enter the 6 digit PIN below the QR code

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Product Certificate

If the product is original, then you will get a product authenticity certification.

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Security Features

Fraud Protection

Shieldtag stands for product authentication, it's unique hologram sticker technology act as first layer authentication for your product. There are two easy ways to check product authenticity using the Shieldtag platforms. It's both straightforward and very user-friendly. Let's explore below how to use the Shieldtag application to confirm the authenticity of your product!

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Product Data

Supply-chain Visibility

Supply chain within manufacture business is a complex process, from production to distribution (Online Platforms, agents, resellers, distributors and more). However, determining the exact market locations where our products have been sold poses a significant challenge. While we have access to sales figures, pinpointing the specific points of sale remains nearly impossible. Shieldtag transforms this impossibility into a reality, and it does so effortlessly. Each high-tech hologram sticker from Shieldtag allows you to trace the distribution of your products in the market. These items can be accurately tracked in real-time, providing up-to-date data on their whereabouts when it combined with our online platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shieldtag?

Shieldtag is an advanced hologram sticker designed to guarantee the authenticity of a product.

How to use it?

Download Shieldtag application, scan the QR code from hologram sticker, and enter the unique PIN code and verify the authenticity of your product.

Which brands are currently using Shieldtag?

Azarine, Dr. Soap, Zoya, and ProShop are among the well-known brands that have chosen to use Shieldtag.

Where does Shieldtag originate from?

We are based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and operate under the name PT Karya Generasi Biru. Our operations have been in place since 2020

How to get the Shieldtag app?

You can download the Shieldtag application, available on both Google Play and the App Store.

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