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Protect the Future of the Indonesian People from the Distribution of Counterfeit Products.

Customers feel betrayed, disappointed, and helpless when dealing with counterfeit products. Without the ability to change the situation, they feel trapped with items that do not meet expectations. Their hearts are filled with concerns about the quality, safety, and authenticity of the products they buy. Shieldtag answers customers' longing for solutions that empower them to address these issues, creating a world where counterfeit products are no longer a problem for them.

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The counterfeit product reporting forum feature of Shieldtag has several advantages:

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Go to Platform for Counterfeit Products Reports

The forum provides a platform that allows customers to file complaints regarding the finding of counterfeit products. They can share experiences, provide information, and express disappointment with the counterfeit products they encounter.

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Verification and Replacement of Counterfeit Products

Through these forums, reported counterfeit products can be verified for authenticity. If a counterfeit product is proven, Shieldtag can help customers to replace it with a genuine product, providing fairness and satisfaction for customers affected by the counterfeit product.

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Counterfeit Product Seller Store Trackers

The forum also enables customers to track and report stores selling counterfeit products. This helps provide information to Shieldtag and the authorities to take necessary action against the sellers of such counterfeit products.

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Shieldtag Forum Features

With this counterfeit product reporting forum feature, Shieldtag provides a safe and transparent platform for customers to report and combat counterfeit products, maintain product authenticity, and protect consumers from the negative impact of counterfeit products.

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