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In an increasingly complex and global industry, Shieldtag's Distribution Tracking System feature offers a crucial advantage in maintaining supply chain integrity. Through accurate distribution tracking, brands can identify counterfeit products, optimize supply chains, and enhance the consumer experience.

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How it Works


Supply Chain Visibility

Shieldtag provides accurate and real-time visibility into product movement from the distributor level to the end consumer. This enables brands to monitor and oversee every stage in the supply chain, identify potential points requiring attention, and optimize distribution processes.


Product Authenticity

By utilizing Shieldtag, brands can ensure the maintained authenticity of their products as they reach consumers. Distribution tracking systems enable the identification of counterfeit or unauthorized products that may appear in the supply chain.


Automated Stock Management

Shieldtag's Distribution Tracking System aids brands in efficiently managing their stock. They can monitor inventory at the distributor level, track product sales in real-time, and forecast demand more accurately, even automatically. This facilitates proper stock control, prevents shortages or excess inventory, and ensures optimal product availability for consumers.


Data analysis

Shieldtag also offers valuable data analysis features for brands. Leveraging data collected from the Distribution Tracking System, brands can comprehend sales patterns and trends, identify consumer preferences, and make informed decisions in their marketing and distribution strategies.

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With these advantages, Shieldtag's Distribution Tracking System empowers brands to optimize supply chains, ensure product authenticity, efficiently manage stock, and make decisions based on relevant data.

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