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Maximize Customer Loyalty and Engagement with Shieldtag's Revolutionary Loyalty Control Program

In the competitive business world, Shieldtag's Loyalty Control Program plays a crucial role in building and maintaining customer loyalty. Offering attractive incentives and special rewards, this program helps brands differentiate themselves, increase engagement, and foster strong, long-term relationships. With Shieldtag, there are no limits to creating memorable customer experiences."\

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Shieldtag Loyalty Control Program


Loyalty Point Program

The loyalty points program enables customers to accumulate points with every purchase of Shieldtag-listed products. These points can be redeemed for discounts, prizes, or special promotions.


Rewards Program

This program offers customers the opportunity to participate in the exciting engagement game [Sample : Scratch & Get prize]. Customers can scratch an area on a product using Shieldtag to reveal a gift or special offer.


Giveaway Program

Giveaway Programs enable brands to organize contests or sweepstakes events, providing an opportunity to give away prizes to their customers. This could include free product giveaways, unique experiences, or other exciting prizes.

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With these features, Shieldtag's Loyalty Control Program helps brands build customer loyalty, strengthen engagement, and create valuable experiences that enhance long-term relationships with consumers.

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