Awards and Certifications

Shieldtag's commitment and dedication to protecting product authenticity

See all the awards and certifications Shieldtag has received to maintain the authenticity of each product.

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ASEAN Digital Awards 2023

Gold Medal - Private Sector

On February 1 2024, Shieldtag succeeded in getting a Gold Medal in the private sector when representing Indonesia at the 2023 Asean Digital Award held in Singapore. This win is a testament to the Shieldtag team's dedication, innovation and commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital excellence in the Asean region.

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NextDev Batch 8

Top 4 Finalist Startups

On June 8 2023, Shieldtag managed to become the top 4 in the NextDev event by Telkomsel, where Shieldtag was the representative of the "Tourism and Creative Economy" sector. Here Shieldtag learned many things such as how to build a business and work in a larger team. This is very useful for continuing to grow and adapt to very fast developments in the digital world.