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Secure Your Trust with Shieldtag's Unrivaled Digital Warranty Program!

Shieldtag's Digital Warranty replaces the conventional warranty book and tracks warranty status in real-time. This program eliminates the need for a physical warranty book, allowing customers to easily monitor warranty status via the Shieldtag platform. This makes warranty claims easier and enhances customer satisfaction.

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In tackling the challenges of the after-sales world, Shieldtag's Digital Guarantee offers robust protection with an easily verifiable warranty. Customers can confidently check their warranty status through intuitive features. Brands can efficiently manage warranty claims, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Shieldtag's Warranty Program provides customers with peace of mind and confidence, fostering long-term relationships with the brand.

Warranty System Features


E-warranty System

E-warranty is a concept where product warranties are no longer provided in physical form but are stored electronically. With e-warranty, customers can access and track product warranty status online via specific platforms or applications. This eliminates the need for a physical warranty book and simplifies the process for customers to submit warranty claims and receive more efficient after-sales service.


Digital Claim

Digital claim is a feature in Shieldtag's Warranty that enables customers to submit warranty claims electronically through the platform or application. With digital claims, customers can fill out a claim form, attach proof of purchase or product damage, and submit it promptly.


Know Your Customer More (KYCM)

Shieldtag's Warranty feature plays an essential role in collecting product owner data information and strengthening customer loyalty. Through this feature, product owners who register for a warranty can provide their personal information, such as name, address, and contact details, required for registration and warranty processing purposes.


Real-time Warranty Tracking

Explore unmatched warranties with Shieldtag's real-time warranty tracking feature. With this functionality, you can easily track your product's warranty status in seconds. No more wondering or waiting around; Shieldtag's real-time warranty tracking feature provides instant reassurance and peace of mind.

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