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Maintaining consumer trust is the key to your business's success!

Be cautious! Counterfeiting poses a serious threat to consumer trust in your business. Products bearing your brand name can be quickly counterfeited, undermining the hard-earned reputation you've built. Consumers may become hesitant to purchase your products due to concerns about authenticity and quality.

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Uphold and Strengthen Consumer Trust

Maintaining consumer trust is the main foundation for brand success. If counterfeit products continue to deceive customers, your business is at risk of losing customers and revenue. Consumers who feel betrayed will look for alternatives from competitors. With Shieldtag, you can demonstrate your commitment to product authenticity and increase consumer trust in your brand. It's time for you to invest in consumer trust with Shieldtag.

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Why Choose Shieldtag?


Authenticity is Assured

Shieldtag offers sophisticated hologram stickers, making counterfeiting challenging and ensuring the authenticity of your product.

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Easy and Fast Verification

The Shieldtag app empowers consumers to instantly verify product authenticity through QR code scans and unique PINs, instilling immediate confidence.

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Shieldtag's cutting-edge technology combats counterfeiters with top-notch security, ensuring the highest level of protection for your brand.

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Supply Chain Visibility

Monitor the journey of your products from manufacturing to the end consumer, ensuring efficiency and maintaining quality throughout your supply chain.

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Why Do You Need Shieldtag Hologram Stickers?

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Enhanced Security

Shieldtag hologram stickers incorporate cutting-edge technology with multiple protective layers, including 3D silver hologram, White Holo, and Scratch-off layer. This specially designed hologram sticker aims to thwart counterfeiting attempts, ensuring maximum protection for your product.

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Easy Verification with QR Code

Every Shieldtag hologram sticker features a unique QR code. Consumers can effortlessly scan the QR code to verify the authenticity of the product online, fostering increased trust in your product and brand.

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Diverse Hologram Sticker Materials

We offer a range of holographic materials that can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Select a material that aligns with the visual characteristics you desire for your hologram sticker.

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Hangtag Hologram Sticker

Hologram stickers are not limited to product packaging; they can also be applied to various types of products, including Hangtags. The hologram sticker on the hangtag adds an exclusive touch, signifying the authenticity of the product.

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Hot-stamp Hologram Sticker

In addition to hologram stickers, we also offer hot-stamp hologram types. Typically utilized for certificates or vouchers, this hologram type features a plastic protective layer (PET) to withstand high temperatures and adhere to paper surfaces.

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Materials Used for Shieldtag Hologram Stickers

We utilize a variety of materials in crafting hologram stickers to tailor them to your specific requirements. Each hologram sticker material possesses characteristics that can be customized to align with your brand. Shieldtag employs the following types of hologram stickers:

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1. One-time use Material

This sticker material adheres seamlessly to the object it is applied to. Removing the top layer of the sticker leaves the entire design securely attached to the object.

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2. Honeycomb Material

The Honeycomb material exhibits distinctive characteristics when the sticker is peeled. It leaves behind a unique honeycomb-like pattern.

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3. Void Material

This sticker material is designed to leave VOID marks when removed or damaged.

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4. Custom text Material

Similar to VOID material, this type leaves text-patterned marks when removed or damaged.

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