Why Shieldtag?

Comprehensive and Tailor-made Solutions

Shieldtag offers a range of services to counteract product counterfeiting, monitor product distribution, understand customer behavior, all through our cutting-edge hologram stickers. Curated information is invaluable for product development and making strategic decisions. Implementing a Smart Hologram Sticker from Shieldtag on your product was a straightforward process, and we also furnish monthly dashboards and reports to provide you with the necessary insights. All data is acquired in real-time.

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20 Years

Experienced in Cyber Security

40 Million

Technological Hologram Stickers have been successfully distributed


Brands that have used Shieldtag


Increase trust in original products

Shieldtag Smart Hologram Stickers impact in safeguarding products

Mature And Modular Platform

Technology and Security from Shieldtag

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Advanced Technology

A system that delivers real-time and accurate information, offering insights into product distribution and counterfeit prevention. Each Shieldtag Hologram is equipped with a unique QR code, ID, and password, distinguishing it from other Shieldtag holograms.

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Encryption Security

We not only guarantee the safety of your product against counterfeiting but also enhance the value of your brand.

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Easy Implementation

Integrate the Shieldtag Hologram with your product to become part of the Shieldtag ecosystem. Enjoy an easy-to-read dashboard and receive informative monthly reports.

More than 100+ Brands
In Various Industries Have Used Shieldtag

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Standard Hologram Sticker vs. Shieldtag

Conventional HologramsShieldtag Hologram
Aligns with Your Brand Designicon icon
Easy on the Eyesicon icon
Unique QR Code Guarantee for Each Producticon icon
Product Authenticity Certification via Mobile Appicon icon
Anti-Duplication Technologyicon icon
Hijacker Location Detectionicon icon
Track Product Distributionicon icon
Online Distribution Managementicon icon


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