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Vape and Liquid Industry

Indonesia's vape/liquid industry has experienced rapid development in recent years. The increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes and liquid vape products has created a significant market in Indonesia. Consumer demand for vape/liquid products continues to increase, driven by factors such as lifestyle changes, alternatives to traditional cigarettes, and the desire to reduce tobacco consumption.

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Main Problem

Problems in the Vape and Liquid Industry

Counterfeit vape/liquid products in Indonesia pose a severe threat to users' health. These counterfeit products present a risk that cannot be ignored, as they may contain dangerous and untested ingredients. Unsecured compositions can cause adverse side effects, such as:


Lung irritation


Respiratory problems


Or even long-term damage to internal organs.

Consumers who do not know they are using counterfeit products are at risk of these negative impacts. Therefore, vape/liquid users need to ensure the authenticity and quality of the products they buy, obtain them from trusted sources, and follow applicable regulations. Public education and awareness about the dangers of counterfeit products are essential in protecting user health and minimizing the risks posed by counterfeit products in Indonesia's vape/liquid industry.

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Maintain Product Sales Standards from Distributors

Holograms with Shieldtag technology have a significant and crucial role in Indonesia's vape/liquid industry, especially in terms of authentication and distribution tracking to maintain standard retail prices (SRP). With Shieldtag's authentication and distribution tracking solutions, Indonesia's vape/liquid industry can protect consumers, maintain price integrity, and build strong trust in the market.


Authentication Features

With advanced authentication features, Shieldtag enables vape/liquid brands to ensure the authenticity of their products.

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Distribution Tracking System

Additionally, the distribution tracking system provided by Shieldtag helps brands control the supply chain, identifying the circulation of counterfeit products.

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Maintain SRP

Make sure the SRP price is maintained properly.

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