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The food and beverage industry, especially the fast-food or ready-to-eat food and beverage sector, has experienced rapid growth in Indonesia. Changes in people's lifestyles, busy schedules, and high mobility have driven demand for food and drinks that are fast, practical, and ready to eat. This industry includes various international and local brands offering a diverse menu, from burgers, pizza, fried chicken, instant noodles, and soft drinks.

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With innovations in packaging and distribution technology, fast food and beverages can be easily accessed through fast food restaurants, food delivery services, and outlets in shopping centers. Despite controversies regarding health and nutrition, the industry continues to adapt by offering healthier and more environmentally friendly food options. High demand and ever-changing consumer needs make the fast-food/ready-to-eat food and beverage industry one of the sectors that continues to grow in Indonesia.

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Problems in the Food and Beverage Industry

The danger of counterfeit products in the fast food/packaged food and beverage industry should not be taken lightly. The existence of counterfeit products can pose severe risks to consumers.


The ingredients used in counterfeit products may be unsafe, such as dangerous preservatives, toxic chemicals, or microbial contamination.


Additionally, the quality and hygiene of counterfeit products are often not guaranteed, increasing the risk of food poisoning and related illnesses.


Counterfeit products can also damage the reputation of brands and the industry, reducing consumer confidence in genuine products.

Therefore, consumers must buy food and drinks from trusted sources, pay attention to safety and quality labels, and report suspected counterfeit products to the competent authorities. Industry players also need to actively fight counterfeit products by increasing production safety, quality control, and consumer awareness about the risks of counterfeit products in the fast food/packaged food and beverage industry.

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Overcome Counterfeit Products with Shieldtag Technology

Shieldtag can deal with counterfeit products in the fast food/packaged food and beverage industry. With authentication capabilities and loyalty control programs, Shieldtag helps maintain consumer trust, protect brands, and increase customer loyalty in the fast food/packaged food and beverage industry.


Authentification Feature

With advanced authentication features, Shieldtag enables brands to track and verify the authenticity of their products effectively. In this industry, where counterfeit products can quickly enter the market, Shieldtag's authentication solutions help protect brands from financial loss and reputational damage.

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Loyalty Control Program

In addition, with the loyalty control program offered by Shieldtag, brands can build customer loyalty by providing unique benefits and rewards to loyal consumers.

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