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The fashion industry in Indonesia is a sector that has developed rapidly in recent years. Government support, technological developments, and the increase in people's purchasing power have encouraged growth and creativity in this industry. Local designers are increasingly recognized locally and internationally, while e-commerce and online platforms are expanding the accessibility of fashion products for consumers. With large export potential and continued development of the local market, the fashion industry in Indonesia promises attractive growth opportunities.

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Main Problem

Problems in the Fashion Industry

Along with rapid growth, counterfeit products in the fashion industry in Indonesia are still a significant problem. Counterfeiting of well-known brands and fashion products seriously threatens this industry. Counterfeit products harm genuine brands, damage their reputation, and disappoint consumers who expect product quality and authenticity. In the local market, the fashion industry in Indonesia promises attractive growth opportunities. The existence of counterfeit products can also disrupt the competitiveness of local businesses and hinder the growth of the fashion industry in Indonesia. Law enforcement efforts and consumer awareness about buying genuine fashion products are the keys to overcoming this problem.


Shieldtag's hologram technology plays a significant role in overcoming the problem of counterfeit products in the fashion industry.



Authentification Feature

With advanced authentication features, Shieldtag enables fashion brands to protect their products from counterfeiting. Holograms placed on products provide a mark of authenticity that is difficult to imitate.

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Distribution Tracking System

Additionally, the distribution tracking system provided by Shieldtag allows brands to monitor the movement of products from factory to consumer, identifying and addressing the circulation of counterfeit products.

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With a combination of authentication features and distribution tracking, Shieldtag helps create consumer trust, protects fashion brands, and ensures that consumers receive authentic, quality products.

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