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Become a superior brand by maintaining the good name and reputation of your brand!

Combat the rampant spread of counterfeit products that mimic your brand, eroding consumer trust and tarnishing the hard-earned reputation you've built.

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How can you maintain the good name and reputation of your brand?

Brand's reputation is a crucial asset that distinguishes you from competitors. Counterfeit products entering the market can tarnish this reputation, making consumers skeptical about the authenticity of your offerings. This skepticism may lead to reluctance among potential buyers, potentially causing your business to lose market share and consumer trust.

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Why Shieldtag?

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Shieldtag introduces advanced hologram stickers that offer unparalleled protection against counterfeiting, ensuring the authenticity of each of your products.

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Through the Shieldtag app, customers can easily verify products with a QR code scan and unique PIN, removing any doubt about authenticity.

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Shieldtag's advanced technology fights counterfeiters with state-of-the-art security, giving you the absolute edge in protecting your brand's reputation.

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Follow your product's journey from factory to consumer for transparency and efficiency.

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With Shieldtag, you demonstrate dedication to product authenticity and build unwavering consumer trust.

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Why Do You Need Shieldtag Hologram Stickers?

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Enhanced Security

Shieldtag hologram stickers incorporate cutting-edge technology, featuring multiple protective layers including 3D silver hologram, White Holo, and Scratch-off layers. This specially designed hologram sticker effectively prevents counterfeiting and offers optimal protection for your product.

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Easy Verification with QR Code

Every Shieldtag hologram sticker is embedded with a distinctive QR code. Consumers can effortlessly scan this QR code to authenticate the product online. This enhances their confidence in the authenticity of your product and strengthens trust in your brand.

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Diverse Hologram Sticker Materials

We provide various types of hologram materials that can be tailored to your needs. You can choose a material that suits the visual characteristics you want for your sticker hologram.

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Hangtag Hologram Sticker

Hologram stickers are not limited to product packaging; they can also be applied to various types of products, including Hangtags. The hologram sticker on the hangtag adds an exclusive touch, signifying the authenticity of the product.

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Hot-stamp Hologram Sticker

In addition to hologram stickers, we also offer hot-stamp hologram types. Typically utilized for certificates or vouchers, this hologram type features a plastic protective layer (PET) to withstand high temperatures and adhere to paper surfaces.

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Materials Used for Shieldtag Hologram Stickers

We utilize a variety of materials in crafting hologram stickers to tailor them to your specific requirements. Each hologram sticker material possesses characteristics that can be customized to align with your brand. Shieldtag employs the following types of hologram stickers:

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1. One-time use Material

This sticker material adheres seamlessly to the object it is applied to. Removing the top layer of the sticker leaves the entire design securely attached to the object.

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2. Honeycomb Material

The Honeycomb material exhibits distinctive characteristics when the sticker is peeled. It leaves behind a unique honeycomb-like pattern.

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3. Void Material

This sticker material is designed to leave VOID marks when removed or damaged.

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4. Custom text Material

Similar to VOID material, this type leaves text-patterned marks when removed or damaged.

Trusted by more than 50+ Brands
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Shieldtag is an excellent choice for preserving the positive image and reputation of your brand. It's the moment to safeguard your brand's integrity and foster lasting loyalty from consumers!

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