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Shieldtag Authenticity Verification Services (SAVS)

Shieldtag smart hologram sticker designed to guarantee product authenticity. Use Shieldtag application to verify the authenticity of your purchased products. Verify your product authencity with ease using Shieldtag application, discover below how we create magic for our user.

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How to use Shieldtag Application



Begin by registering your account. Click 'Register' and enter the necessary information, or opt for 'Sign in with Google'.


Your account is now ready to use.

How to Scan


Carefully scratch off the layers on Shieldtag hologram sticker.


Launch Shieldtag Application.


Press the scan button and direct the camera towards the QR code.


Enter the 6 digit PIN below the QR code.


At this stage, a product authenticity certificate will be displayed.


Click 'Visit Website' to access more information about the brand.

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Get the Shieldtag Application Now

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if the QR code cannot be scanned?

As an alternative to the QR Code, you can input the 6-digit Serial Code located above the QR code. Following that, you will be prompted to enter a 6-digit PIN.

What if the PIN I entered is wrong?

Ensure that you have correctly entered the PIN. If these steps are not successful, please contact our customer service and provide a clear photo of the Hologram Sticker, ensuring the QR Code, Serial Code, and PIN are clearly visible.

What if the product authenticity certificate says "Product is under monitoring"?

There is a possibility that the product you purchased is suspected to be fake. Please report this immediately to our customer service, or you can submit a counterfeit product report directly on the forum within the Shieldtag application.

Where does the Shieldtag company originate from?

We are based in Jakarta, Indonesia, operating under the name PT Karya Generasi Biru since 2020.

Is the Forum within the Shieldtag app just for reporting counterfeit products?

You can also share reviews about genuine products and their benefits on the Shieldtag Forum.

What information should I provide if I want to report a counterfeit product on the Shieldtag Forum?

You can input various information, including Brand Name, Product Name, QR Code ID, Purchase Location, Store Name, Purchase Date, Counterfeit Product Details, and Counterfeit Product Photos.

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