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Prevent Business Losses from Counterfeit Products! Discover Anti-Counterfeit Solutions with Shieldtag

Are you facing significant challenges with product counterfeiting? Each year, countless brands worldwide grapple with counterfeit products, undermining customer trust and tarnishing brand reputation. According to a 2020 study by the Indonesian Anti-Counterfeiting Society (MIAP), Indonesia alone suffered economic losses amounting to 291 trillion rupiah due to the prevalence of counterfeit products.

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Losses due to product counterfeiting for brands

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Reduced Customer Trust

Counterfeit products erode customer trust in your brand and detrimentally impact long-term brand-customer relationships.

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Risk on Brand Image

Counterfeit products can put your Brand Image at risk, which has been painstakingly built over years.

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Potential Dangers and Health Risks

Counterfeit products often fail to meet quality and safety standards, posing a risk to consumers and your brand's reputation.

This is why Shieldtag stands as a leading anti-counterfeit product solution, committed to combating counterfeit products and safeguarding your brand.

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How Shieldtag can Act as Your Brand Anti-Counterfeit Solution?


Full Protection for Your Products

Shieldtag provides comprehensive product anti-counterfeiting solutions to prevent counterfeit products, ensuring that your products are genuine and quality.

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Restore Customer Trust

Restore customer trust by using Shieldtag, preventing counterfeit products and showcasing your commitment to product authenticity.

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Prevent Financial Losses

Shield your brand from financial setbacks by ensuring product authenticity and averting losses associated with counterfeit sales.

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Safeguard your Brand Image

Shieldtag ensures that your customers are not deceived by counterfeit products, protecting their trust in your brand and avoiding potential health risks associated with substandard imitations.

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Why Smart Hologram Stickers Works?

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Enhanced Security

Shieldtag hologram stickers incorporate cutting-edge technology, featuring multiple protective layers including 3D silver hologram, White Holo, and Scratch-off layers. This specially designed hologram sticker effectively prevents counterfeiting and offers optimal protection for your product.

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Easy Verification with QR Code

Every Shieldtag hologram sticker is embedded with a distinctive QR code. Consumers can effortlessly scan this QR code to authenticate the product online. This enhances their confidence in the authenticity of your product and strengthens trust in your brand.

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Diverse Hologram Sticker Materials

We provide various types of hologram materials that can be tailored to your needs. You can choose a material that suits the visual characteristics you want for your sticker hologram.

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Hangtag Hologram Sticker

Hologram stickers are not limited to packaging; they can also be applied to various product types, including Hangtags. The hologram sticker on the hangtag adds an exclusive touch, affirming the product's authenticity.

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Hot-stamp Hologram Sticker

In addition to hologram stickers, we also offer hot-stamp hologram types. Typically utilized for certificates or vouchers, this hologram type features a plastic protective layer (PET) to withstand high temperatures and adhere to paper surfaces.

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Type of Material for Shieldtag Hologram Stickers

We use several materials to craft hologram stickers, allowing them to be customized to meet your specific requirements. Each hologram sticker material possesses unique characteristics that can be adapted to suit your brand. The following types of hologram stickers are employed by Shieldtag:

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1. One-time use Material

This sticker material adheres seamlessly to the object it is applied to. Removing the top layer of the sticker leaves the entire design securely attached to the object.

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2. Honeycomb Material

The Honeycomb material exhibits distinctive characteristics when the sticker is peeled. It leaves behind a unique honeycomb-like pattern.

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3. Void Material

This sticker material is designed to leave VOID marks when removed or damaged.

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4. Custom text Material

Similar to VOID material, this type leaves text-patterned marks when removed or damaged.

Addressing the Challenge of Counterfeit Products with Shieldtag

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Shieldtag is a leading product anti-counterfeiting solution.

Shieldtag fortifies your products with cutting-edge smart hologram sticker technology. This innovative solution not only shields against counterfeit threats but also enhances your brand's reputation and fosters customer trust.

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Shieldtag further enriches the customer experience with engaging gamification features, including exciting giveaways and loyalty programs.

This helps you build strong relationships with customers, increase their loyalty, and encourage repeat purchases.

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Through accurate data analysis, Shieldtag provides detailed information about your product distribution.

With a better understanding of market patterns and trends, you can make smarter business decisions, optimize business performance, and achieve better growth.

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In addition, with consistent retail price control (SRP Control), Shieldtag ensures that your product prices remain stable across various distribution channels.

This helps you maintain profit margins and provide consistent value to customers, resulting in better satisfaction.

Protect your business from the threats of counterfeit products

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