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The pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia has a fairly large market. As a country with a population of more than 270 million people, the demand for quality and affordable medicines is very high. According to data from the Indonesian Pharmaceutical Industry Association (GP Pharmacy), in 2020, the pharmaceutical market value in Indonesia reached around 97 trillion rupiah (around 6.8 billion US dollars). This figure includes sales of medicines across all market segments, including prescription, over-the-counter, and traditional medicines.

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Main Problem

Problems in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Counterfeiting medicines is a severe problem in Indonesia, as in other countries worldwide. Although specific data on the extent of drug counterfeiting in Indonesia may be complex to quantify precisely, there are several indications that the problem is. According to reports from various sources, including the government, media, and the pharmaceutical industry, counterfeiting of medicines in Indonesia is considered a significant problem. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also identified pharmaceutical counterfeiting as a global threat to public health.


The presence of Shieldtag can be the answer to protecting products from counterfeiting.​

Shieldtag is a security product that uses the safest code technology to protect products from counterfeiting. With Shieldtag, manufacturers can do the following:​

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Provides information about ingredients that can cause allergies

Shieldtag can provide transparent information about product ingredients that may cause allergic reactions in vulnerable consumers.

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Tracking product distribution

Shieldtag can provide information about the extent to which products have been distributed.

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Provide information about products that have been sold

With Shieldtag, manufacturers can monitor and track products that have been sold. This information is helpful for inventory management purposes, understanding sales patterns, and responding to consumer demand more efficiently.

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Protecting products from counterfeiting

Shieldtag provides strong protection against product counterfeiting by using secure code technology.

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Protect consumers with Shieldtag electronic certificates

Shieldtag provides electronic certificates that provide detailed information about the product to consumers.

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Informing products that are safe for specific consumers

Through Shieldtag, manufacturers can provide consumers with specific information about product safety.

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