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Unveiling the Secret to Success through Structured Insights

Data analytics is the process of collecting, preparing, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data to gain valuable insights and support better decision-making. This involves applying methods, algorithms, and analytical techniques to existing data to identify relevant patterns, trends, relationships, and insights.

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Data analytics plays a crucial role in determining the company's direction.

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Evidence-Based Decision Making

Data analytics enables companies to make decisions based on facts and robust evidence.

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Identify Opportunities and Challenges

Through data analysis, companies can identify new growth opportunities and anticipate challenges they may face.

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Increased efficiency and productivity

Data analytics assists companies in identifying areas where efficiency and productivity can be enhanced.

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Risk Management

Data analytics helps companies better manage risks.

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Improved Customer Experience

Data analytics enables companies to better understand their customers.

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Product and service innovation

Data analytics can assist companies in identifying emerging market trends and unmet customer needs.

How it Works

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Shieldtag dashboard capable of showcasing real-time data, customizable to each client's requirements. You can view all your data movements on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Our partner dashboards offer additional insights about your consumers. Here, you will receive information in the form of:

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Geographic Information(User area summary)

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Demographic Information(Age & Gender)

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Psychographic Information(Behaviour or habits, Lifestyle, Products sold)

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Information That Will Be Obtained


  • 1. Current market conditions regionally and internationally
  • 2. Potential region or growth area
  • 3. Detect damaged product

Sales Marketing

  • 1. Current market conditions regionally and internationally
  • 2. Potential region or growth area
  • 3. Detect product damage

Brand or Product Owner

  • 1. Understanding product sales trends
  • 2. Develop strategies per area or region
  • 3. Detect product counterfeiting

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