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Smart QR Code Protection for Every Product

Shieldcode is a QR Code meticulously encrypted by the Shieldtag team. This technology comprises three key features: ID, Shieldcode, and a 6-digit numerical PIN.

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QR Code Identity

Hologram stickers are not limited to packaging; they can also be applied to various product types, including Hangtags. The hologram sticker on the hangtag adds an exclusive touch, affirming the product's authenticity.


Unique PIN Authentication

We acknowledge that QR Codes are part of an open-source system, allowing content to be copied and pasted by anyone. However, at Shieldtag, we enhance the security of our Shieldcode by incorporating a 6-digit PIN. This PIN must be validated by the system during the product authenticity check, adding an extra layer of protection that significantly increases the difficulty of unauthorized access.


Authenticity Assurance with Scratch Layer

Our PIN is additionally safeguarded by an extra scratch layer, ensuring that you are the initial user of the QR Shieldtag for the product you've purchased. If the scratch layer is removed, it indicates that the product has been 'tampered' with by a previous user.

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