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Authenticator, Distribution Tracking System


Introduction to 2M

2M, as a pioneer in the crop protection and pest control industry, partners with Shieldtag to launch the innovative solution. Focusing on verifying product authenticity and tracking distribution, this step addresses the challenge of product counterfeiting in Surakarta.

2M Success Story

2M Rat Poison is a product used to treat plant pests like rats and pigs. This product is available at Shopee Indonesia and is described as liquid rat poison with a higher dose than other types, so it is claimed to be more effective. 2M Rat Poison has sold more than tens to hundreds of thousands of products in the marketplace.


Reasons why 2M chose Shieldtag

Product counterfeiting is increasingly rampant, and 2M chose Shieldtag's solution to maintain the authenticity of their products. Shieldtag hologram authenticators provide high protection with unique markings, ensuring that 2M products are not easily counterfeited.

The Beginning of 2M's Journey with Shieldtag

In November 2023, 2M integrated Shieldtag into their products, affirming their commitment to product safety and consumer trust.

2M Base and Distribution Network

2M, domiciled in Surakarta, has distributed its products to various regions. Now, 2M products with Shieldtag can be found and purchased everywhere, providing unmatched protection to consumers everywhere.


How Shieldtag Answers the 2M Challenge


Verify Product Authenticity

Shieldtag's Authenticator technology provides a high level of protection with unique signatures that are difficult to imitate, giving consumers confidence that 2M products are authentic.

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Distribution Tracking

1. Supply Chain Visibility

Shieldtag provides real-time visibility into product movement, allowing Gino Mariani to monitor their supply chain with precision.

2. Automatic Stock Control

Shieldtag's Distribution Tracking System helps manage stock efficiently, avoiding excess or shortage of inventory.

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Data Analysis and Intelligent Decisions

With data analysis features, 2M can understand consumer trends, identify preferences, and make strategic decisions based on relevant data.

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Choosing Shieldtag for 2M products proves our concern for consumer safety. We feel more at ease because 2M products are now equipped with advanced technology that protects consumers from counterfeit products." - 2M

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