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The story behind Azarine Cosmetic

Azarine Cosmetic, a well-known cosmetics brand in Indonesia, uses Shieldtag to answer a significant challenge in the beauty industry: product counterfeiting. The danger of counterfeit products in the skin care industry has profound implications. For consumers, counterfeit products can cause health risks and skin problems, cause financial harm, and diminish trust in the brand. Meanwhile, for brands like Azarine, counterfeit products can threaten reputation, affect sales, and destroy consumer trust. This is why Azarine felt the need for Shieldtag as a critical step in protecting its products from counterfeiting, maintaining its reputation, and providing safe and reliable customer products.


A brief introduction to Azarine Cosmetic

​Azarine Cosmetic is one of the big names in Indonesia's skincare world. They present a wide range of beauty and skincare products designed with dedication to meet the needs of modern consumers.

Why Azarine Cosmetic Choose Shieldtag

Shieldtag provides services to prevent product counterfeiting, track product distribution, and get to know customers and their habits through hologram stickers with Shieldtag technology. They provide information that helps to develop or make appropriate decisions. How to implement shieldtags on products can be done quickly. We also provide monthly dashboards and reports to give you the necessary information. All data will be obtained in real-time.


Since when does Azarine Cosmetic use Shieldtag?

Azarine Cosmetic has trusted Shieldtag as an anti-counterfeit product solution since 2020. During this time, they have experienced significant benefits from this decision.

Domicile, Distribution and Product Availability

Azarine Cosmetic is based in Sidoarjo, East Java, but its products are distributed throughout Indonesia. Azarine Cosmetic products are available both online and offline.


How Shieldtag Answers Problems


Advanced Technology

A system that can provide real-time and actual information. Providing information to Azarine Cosmetic about product distribution and prevention of counterfeiting. Each Hologram Shieldtag has a QR code, ID, and password that is unique from other Hologram.


Encryption Security

Shieldtag ensures that Azarine Cosmetic products are safe from product counterfeiting and also provides added value to Azarine Cosmetic, such as valuable data about product journeys and consumer preferences to optimize marketing strategies.


Easy Implementation

Simply attach the Shieldtag Hologram to the 50 ml Azarine Hydrasoothe Suncreen Gel product, then the Azarine Cosmetic product is in the Shieldtag ecosystem. Shieldtag also provides Azarine Cosmetic with an easy-to-read dashboard and informative monthly reports that can help Azarine Cosmetic increase sales.

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+5.000.000 Products

Number of Azarine Cosmetic products that Shieldtag has protected since October 2022.


9 of 10 Reports

Shieldtag successfully replaces reports of counterfeit products from consumers.

What are they saying

Opinions of Azarine product users

Shieldtag forum

Arrafina Maharani (Fina)

I bought it on Shopee; it had a barcode label. I thought it was genuine, but when I tried to type the barcode, it didn't work. I also used other applications, and it didn't work either. The product is almost 99% similar to the original.

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Shieldtag forum

Farras Aulia

Hehe, I'm thrilled to get an original product; the first time I bought it from this shop, I was a little nervous, but it turns out it's safe.

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Shieldtag Forum

Dhevi Prastika

Produk saya dicurigai karena ada Bau pada creamnya, biasanya azarine tidak berbau dan tekstur mudah di blend. sedangkan ini tekstur lebih kental.

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Azarine Cosmetic

"We are very pleased to be able to partner with Shieldtag to protect our products. They have proven their commitment to maintaining our products' authenticity and brand reputation. Their hologram sticker technology is advanced and helps us easily identify genuine products. The valuable information we gain about consumer preferences has also helped us design more effective marketing strategies."

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Join Shieldtag now and protect your brand like Azarine Cosmetic.

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Dennis Giovanni

Sr. Business Development