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Introduction Dr. Soap

Dr. Soap is a company founded in Indonesia in 2015 that is driven to create superior cleaning products for personal care and household needs. These products are not only practical but are also designed with an attractive aesthetic. Shieldtag, as a revolutionary solution, helps Dr. Soap run its loyalty program more efficiently and effectively.

Dr. Soap Success Story

Dr. Soap is a brand that has received many awards and recognition since its founding. They have won various awards, such as the '2020 Sociolla Award for Best Hand Care Category', 'Eco-Friendly Advocate at the Sirclo Award' for two years in a row, and were selected as 'Best Hand Sanitizer at the 2021 Tokopedia Beauty Awards'.


Reasons why Dr.Soap chose Shieldtag

Dr. Soap chose Shieldtag to run its loyalty program because Shieldtag gives customers the freedom to shop on various platforms and still enjoy the benefits of the loyalty program without restrictions on where to purchase.

The Beginning of Dr.Soap's Journey with Shieldtag

Dr. Soap started using Shieldtag in 2020 and has more than 10,000+ Dr. products. Soap scanned to claim the loyalty program uses a Shieldtag hologram sticker.


Dr.Soap Distribution Base and Network

Dr. Soap is based in Jakarta, and its products can be purchased at the physical store of Dr. Soap, its online distributor shop, and the official marketplace.

How Shieldtag Provide Solution to Dr. Soap

Shieldtag provides solutions for Dr. Soap in running their loyalty program. By simply scanning Shieldtag using the available app, customers can continue to collect loyalty points, whether they shop at a physical Dr. Soap, distributor online shop, or official marketplace. With these features, Shieldtag's Loyalty Control Program helps brands build customer loyalty, strengthen engagement, and create valuable experiences that enhance long-term relationships with consumers.

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Dr. Soap

"Shieldtag has completely changed how we run our loyalty program at Dr. Soap. Now, our customers can easily collect loyalty points at various points of purchase, from our physical stores to distributors' online stores and official marketplaces. This gives them true freedom in shopping while we continue to ensure our loyalty program runs smoothly. Shieldtag has helped us increase the security and authenticity of our program with its smart hologram stickers. We are delighted with our collaboration with Shieldtag and believe that this is an important step in the growth of our business." - Dr. Soap

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