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Gino Mariani, a pioneer in the fashion industry, presents his exclusive collection, which consists of shoes and accessories. With a wealth of experience and dedication to excellence, Gino Mariani provides more than just products – they offer a unique and unmatched lifestyle.

Introduction to Gino Mariani

Gino Mariani is a brand that is a widely recognized symbol of exclusivity and quality. Built on a foundation of creativity and innovation, Gino Mariani sets new standards in the fashion world, offering its customers an unforgettable shopping experience.

The Success Story of Gino Mariani

Gino Mariani has created an impressive success story in the footwear industry with their commitment to quality and innovation. As a brand established for over two decades, Gino Mariani is not only known in the local market. Still, he has also produced shoes for several leading international brands. With artisanal expertise and elegant designs, Gino Mariani has succeeded in expanding their reach by opening new stores and launching exclusive collections in collaboration with well-known fashion designers.


Reasons why Gino Mariani chose Shieldtag

Gino Mariani chose Shieldtag to increase the exclusivity of their products. Shieldtag hologram authenticators provide unmatched security and help maintain every product's authenticity, ensuring every customer gets an exclusive and original product.

The Beginning of Gino Mariani's Journey with Shieldtag

Gino Mariani and Shieldtag's journey began in October 2023, when Gino Mariani used Shieldtag in their products, confirming their commitment to providing exclusive and guaranteed products.

Gino Mariani's Base and Distribution Network

Based in Bogor, West Java, Gino Mariani distributes its exclusive products. Gino Mariani products with Shieldtag can be found and purchased in various places, providing access to consumers seeking high quality and exclusivity.


How Shieldtag Solved Gino Mariani's Problem


Verify Product Authenticity

The Authenticator feature in the Shieldtag hologram ensures that every Gino Mariani product is genuine and authentic—a high level of protection for your exclusive products.

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Distribution Tracking

1. Supply Chain Visibility

Shieldtag provides real-time visibility into product movement, allowing Gino Mariani to monitor their supply chain with precision.

2. Automatic Stock Control

Shieldtag's Distribution Tracking System helps manage stock efficiently, avoiding excess or shortage of inventory.

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Data Analysis and Intelligent Decisions

With the data analysis feature, Gino Mariani can understand sales patterns and trends, identify consumer preferences, and make strategic decisions based on relevant data.

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Gino Mariani

"Gino Mariani's use of Shieldtag makes me feel more confident when purchasing their products. The security and exclusivity offered make my shopping experience safer and more reliable." - Loyal Customer Gino Mariani.

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