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Dunia Jus Indonesia

Dunia Jus Indonesia

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A Glimpse into Dunia Jus Indonesia (DJI)

Dunia Jus Indonesia (DJI), under the auspices of PT Dunia Jus Indonesia, is a leading manufacturer in the vape industry, focusing on producing high-quality vape liquids. DJI offers various product variants, including Furla Strawberry, Chocomalt, and Sumo, in freebase and saltnic forms, with a commitment to provide a new lifestyle alternative for nicotine lovers. DJI presents products with affordable fruity and creamy flavors, providing a new, healthier, and more enjoyable experience for e-cigarette users.


Reasons for choosing Shieldtag

DJI faced challenges in motivating their store employees to increase product sales. To combat this, they utilize unique incentives and giveaway programs.

Positive Changes After Using Shieldtag

Since DJI started using Shieldtag, they have seen a significant increase in sales of their products. Employees become more motivated to sell products, and the atmosphere in the store becomes more positive.


Since when does DJI use Shieldtag?

Dunia Jus Indonesia (DJI) has been using Shieldtag since 2020. This technology has been implemented in 100 DJI distributor stores throughout Indonesia. The benefits of using Shieldtag have been felt directly by 300 vape shop servers in Indonesia, who are now more motivated to sell DJI products.

DJI Products Domicile and Distribution

Dunia Jus Indonesia (DJI) is based in Sidoarjo, East Java. Their products have reached a broad market, with distribution to 1000 vape shops throughout Indonesia. This shows the reach and popularity of DJI products in the national vape industry.

Shieldtag: The solution for DJI

DJI selected Shieldtag to manage its incentive and giveaway program. Shieldtag offers various features that make it easier for DJI to manage this program, such as:

  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Easy data input
  • Data security guarantee
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Dunia Jus Indonesia

"Since we decided to work with Shieldtag, we have seen a significant increase in sales of our products. The incentives and giveaway programs they offer have motivated our employees and created a more positive atmosphere in our stores. Shieldtag's technology is straightforward, and they are always ready to help us with any problems. We are grateful to Shieldtag and hope to continue working with them."

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Join Shieldtag now and protect your brand like DJI.

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Dennis Giovanni

Sr. Business Development